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Excited to introduce you to our first Paso Fino~Bonita. She is also an older horse at 12 YO and about 13.3 hh.
Bonita came into rescue at Safe Harbor Equine and Livestock Sanctuary in August of 2016 from a Robertson County, TN Neglect case. Officers responded to a report of odor coming from the home, anticipating finding the elderly owner deceased inside. Instead, they found the home had been abandoned, the owner had moved into an apartment, and there were dozens of cats inside, many deceased and the rest living in feces. The horses had been left in the pasture with no access to clean water, and no food other than pasture grass. All but one horse from this seizure was in reasonably good weight, but they had severely neglected hooves, and little handling. Bonita is the youngest of these horses and is full Paso Fino. We have confirmed that her dam is registered Paso Fino Tiara Que Si who will live the remainder of her life in our sanctuary program, and believe her sire to be El Cardinal Que Si, but have not been able to fully confirm this sire. Bonita is not registered, and had no training prior to rescue. She is now friendly and halter trained, and is also quite bossy; second in command in her foster herd, only behind her herdmate and sister (we believe full sister) Nanyehi La Princesa Amada. Bonita stands for the farrier with some challenges; she has not had training beyond being halter broke, so she can be somewhat resistant. She does lead, and she loads within reason. She is a very easy keeper, requiring only hay to maintain her weight even during Winter months.


Todd Morrissey

Todd Morrissey

Todd Morrissey has been riding and training horses for nearly 20 years. He did not grow up riding but found it when he was in the service and then when he moved to Texas truly fell in love with riding. Todd found competing and training was what he enjoyed the most. He loves challenges and problem solving; the feeling of accomplishment is what drives him.
Todd strives to always be his best and think of the horse first. He has done very well with barrel racing, team sorting and team penning, and also has given riding lessons for the past few years. Todd is very fun loving and is always smiling and has a sharp whit to crack a joke or pull a prank. Teaching others what he knows and seeing them blossom is what gives him great joy. When Todd sees a horse he trained doing well and become a great partner it is like no other feeling. Todd MorrisseyTodd has found his own method of training from years of learning from many people. With the knowledge he has learned and uses, he is confident he can overcome any issue. Todd is extremely grateful for the chance to participate in this event and always tries to promote equine activity.










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