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Rally for the Rescues- Hilda Keller

Hilda Keller

Rally for the Rescues- Hilda Keller Being on a horse has been more natural to me than being on my own two feet since I was a child. I started taking lessons in South Florida as a young girl and got my first taste of the show world with Appaloosas. Although Western Pleasure, Halter and Showmanship were fun at the time, I realized that I wanted to learn and do more. It wasn’t until I moved to North Carolina that I discovered “Natural Horsmanship” and realized that these methods were very similar to what I had been doing since I was 16. I began to actively learn and study these methods with a great passion. Upon moving to Tennessee, I began using the natural methods on both horses and riders with great success. I was producing happy, respectful, confident horses and teaching riders how to communicate better with their horses. For me, it has always been about the horse. Help the horse and teach the rider how to do the same.

Rally for the Rescues- Hilda KellerI am constantly learning new techniques, methods and philosophies as they apply to the equine world. Anything to make myself better so I can teach a better way, the natural way. I start colts, handle young horses and solve behavioral problems. I actively compete in EXCA (Extreme Cowboy Racing), National Working Cow Horse Association and will be competing in American Ranch Horse Association events this year. I also teach riders of all ages and will be coaching a youth rider as well as several Novices this season in EXCA. I have competed in ACTHA, Team Penning, Ranch Sorting and Timed Events as well as dabbled a bit in Roping.

I personally own several rescued horses and I strongly believe that these horses have just as much value as any other horse and deserve to have a great life.

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