Heather Alonso

Rally for the Rescues, Heather Alonso

Heather Alonso

Hi, my name is Heather Alonso. I’m 24 years old and have been riding horses since I could hold my own head up. My horse Sampson was born when I was 3 so we grew up together; learning different disciplines along the way. I believe in a well-trained horse and a healthy bond between horse and rider.

Some of the different disciplines and styles we are involved in are trail riding, jumping, working cows, driving, etc. I have worked with horses my entire life. I have trained horses for my family and friends as well as working at local stables while in college. During my recent residency in Alaska, I started my own training business that succeeded until moving back home to Tennessee.

I love working with challenging horses because I love the feeling of accomplishment achieved for horse and rider once they are able to bond and communicate with each other. I have worked with several young and green horses, including a difficult horse adopted by a young trainee, from Horse Haven.

I prefer to trail ride because I feel that you can better measure a horses understanding by overcoming the many obstacles found in the woods; however, I also compete in the National Working Cow Horse Association, North American Trail Ride Conference, and Extreme Cowboy Association.

I am excited to have been chosen for this challenge because I love the satisfaction of being able to help others and teach more horses how to communicate with humans. This opportunity can likely help an awesome animal and its future rider.

Thank you and God Bless.

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Rally for the Rescues, Heather Alonso











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