In 2016, we had these benefiting rescues, sponsors, trainers, and horses.

Benefiting Rescues

River Edge Farm Horse Rescue Humans helping horses heal from the inside out!

River Edge Farm Horse RescueRiver Edge Farm Horse Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)3 public charity located in Lyles, TN where horses of all breeds and ages are taken in and cared for. We are dedicated to taking in horses that are voluntarily surrendered by owners who can no longer care for them, are abandoned or have been taken from owners where they were neglected or mistreated. Each horse is provided veterinary care, farrier care, dental care and is evaluated for rehabilitation and training needs.  


Horse Haven of Tennessee – Hearts Healing Horses

Horse Haven of TennesseeTHE STORY OF HORSE HAVEN OF TN. Horse Haven of Tennessee is the state’s largest and oldest equine welfare organization. Since 1999, Horse Haven has cared for over 900+ horses to date (October 2015), rescuing them from abuse and neglect, nursing them back to health and then placing them in safe, loving homes. As a 501-C non-profit, donations received benefit the horses in our care. Mission: To rescue, rehab and rehome God’s neglected and abused equine through programs of shelter, adoption, and education across the state of Tennessee.


Safe Harbor Equine and Livestock Sanctuary

Safe Harbor Equine SanctuarySafe Harbor Equine and Livestock Sanctuary will provide a safe, nurturing and healing environment with a special focus on animals requiring critical care. We will adopt out rehabilitated animals and provide a caring sanctuary for the animals that have ongoing needs. We will provide a safe environment to help people with personal, mental and psychological challenges better their lives through quality interaction with rescued equine and farm animals. We seek to educate the public about responsible ownership and the dignity of all life. We were founded in 2012 and have been a 501(c)3 since 2013. Since inception we have already aided over 300 animals. We are a 100% volunteer organization with over 60 active volunteers in Middle Tennessee making our rescue work possible.


Volunteer Equine Advocates

Volunteer Equine AdvocatesAssisting Tennessee Equine in Need

Volunteer Equine Advocates (VEA) is a volunteer-operated, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of abandoned,neglected or abused equine in Tennessee. VEA’s mission is:

  • To assist law enforcement officers in Tennessee by providing care for equine seized during animal cruelty investigations
  • Accepting custody of those seized equine to rehome after rehabilitation
  • Provide assistance to equine owners in times of personal or natural disaster
  • To provide education to the public on proper equine care

Volunteer Equine Advocates does not approve of any type of cruelty intentionally or negligently inflicted to any equine at any time. VEA does not approve of any training method that may intentionally or negligently cause physical or psychological harm during training or showing of equine. VEA also does not condone inhumane housing, transporting, or handling of equine at any time

2016 Sponsors

The Humane Society of the United States Equine Protection Program. Click here to visit their website.

Meridian Equine Education Center. Click here to visit their website.

Basic-Equine Health. Click here to visit their website.

Volunteer Equine Advocates. Click here to visit their website.

Horse Haven of Tennessee. Click here to visit their website.

Equine Safety Zone, LLC. Click here to visit them on Facebook.

EspañaSILK™. Click here to visit their website.

Tribute Equine Nutrition. Click here to visit their website.

Stable & Stock Veterinary Services. Click here to visit their website.

Shelter Insurance, Joel Neece, Agent
151 A Belle Forest Circle, Nashville, TN  37221

2016 Horses

Heather Rogers Alonso- Andy
Kelley Hampton Shattuck- Belle
Kristen Breakfield- Dr Pepper
Amy Bennett Vanner- Adam
AndyBlevins PerformanceHorses- Cricket
Madeline Sparks- Titan
Brittany Malinoski- Carlos, Amira
Brittney Conyer- Nessie
Hilda Keller- Cassie

Each horse has a “Sponsor This Horse” button. Just click the button under the horse’s name you wish to donate to, it will take you to Ferrell Hollow PayPal page for that specific horse. You can make a one time or recurring donation of any amount you wish. We appreciate your support!


(assigned trainer: Brittany Malinoski)

Rally for the Rescues-Carlos

Rally for the Rescues- Carlos


Always wanted to train or adopt a mustang??…Introducing one handsome hunk of a mustang…CARLOS. Carlos is a BLM branded mustang and 9 yrs old according to his brand. He was very skinny and was handled very badly in his last home. He was given along with his mustang friend to a guy with no job, no electric or water, and he did not need horses as he already had several Carlos was housed with a herd of skinny horses, at least 3 piles of horse bones in the pasture and once recently buried but not deep and the whole place stunk. Carlos would jump the crappy fence to go find something to eat and after complaints of him and his friend running at large multiple times they were kept in a trailer. Finally the man agreed to surrender them but when the rescue arrived, it was learned that this man had let Carlos and his friend loose. Luckily they were recovered safely and went into rescue. Despite the bad treatment he received and since being in rescue, Carlos leads and handles fairly well, picks up his feet and is not difficult to catch, at least in a small area. However, because of what Carlos and his buddy have been through together, they are quite bonded so he will need his trainer to help him adjust. He is perfect for this event because with the proper training and given the opportunity to learn and trust he will make a great horse and working partner and loyalty unmeasured.

Carlos is at River Edge Farm Horse Rescue.


(assigned trainer: Brittany Malinoski)

Rally for the Rescues- Amira


Rally for the Rescues-AmiraOf course cannot be in Tennessee without having our state’s namesake Tennessee Walking Horse amongst our group. So introducing Amira. This little lady is a beauty and sure to capture someone’s heart… Amira – (Outbreak’s Princess Amira) is a registered TWH Mare; Amira is about 14.2hh and 7 years old. Amira, along with 2 other horses, were put in the care of renters of her owner when her owner was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The renters neglected the horses and Amira was BCS 1 at the time her owner called us for emergency help. Amira was friendly, but was a disaster other than that. She was fearful of other horses (her momma was a bit dominant with her), and would throw herself on the ground rather than load on a trailer. She was jumpy about everything. In rescue she has recovered to a healthy weight and learned herd dynamics. She is no longer extremely fearful as she has adjusted to learning how to simply be a horse. She is now a middle of the herd personality; neither dominant nor submissive and shares a pasture with 1 gelding and two other mares. She is halter trained and accustomed to being in stall or in pasture. Amira stands for the farrier as well. Amira is perfect for this event as the gentle nature of the TWH breed will aid in her gaining confidence and reinforcing her trust as well showcase the versatility of the beautiful TWH breed.

Amira is at Safe Harbor Equine and Livestock Sanctuary.


(assigned trainer: Carl Bledsoe)

Buddy has been adopted!

Rally for the Rescues- Buddy

Rally for the Rescues- Buddy


Buddy is paint (possible TWH cross) soon to be 3 YO gelding. Although he resembles a TWH, we have not seen him gait. He came in with a mare, probably his mother and was very thin and in poor condition. They had been on the roads and were a safety issue in an isolated area of the county. Apparently the horses so when he moved he took the gate leaving the horses to head for the roads and greener pastures. Buddy is a little shy but is improving. He really likes attention and is eager to please which makes him an ideal horse for this challenge. He has the potential and given time and attention from a trainer he will learn to trust, gain confidence and be ready to work and be a partner to his new family. Did we mention he loves to eat? 🙂 We are excited to watch this youngster develop and work to reach his potential.

Buddy is at River Edge Farm Horse Rescue.



(assigned trainer: Andy Blevins)

Cricket has been adopted!

Rally for the Rescues- Cricket


Cricket is another beautiful bay mare. She is a 4 year old Morgan cross, about 15hh. She originally came from a neglect/starvation situation and was totally unhandled. Cricket was fearful and wild. She tends to be submissive in a herd environment, and will always be lowest horse on the totem pole in regard to feed. Cricket has worked with a volunteer trainer to get to a level where she will come when called (she does know her name), stand to be haltered, is halter broke, stands for the farrier and will load without too much trouble. She is a very loving horse, and extremely intelligent. She is in a mixed herd of mares and geldings. We are excited to give this beautiful lady (just look at that sweet face) an opportunity with the assistance of the trainer to use her intelligence to overcome her past, to gain confidence, trust and learn how to be a safe and dependable partner. She is ready!!

Cricket is with Safe Harbor Equine and Livestock Sanctuary.



(assigned trainer: Kelley Shattuck)

Belle has been adopted!

Rally for the Rescues- Belle


Belle is a 4 yr old QH mare. She is a very nice and well bred mare. She has not had much attention and currently is hard to catch; but we are working on that. She leads and will load in a stock trailer. Right now she is in a lot with a gelding and not turned out as we are working on letting her know humans are not bad and she gets better about being caught. Once you are able to stroke her shoulder, she has no problem with a rope being put around her neck and then slipping on the halter. We know she will get there. She really likes attention but just has not had much handling and we assume any handling she had was unpleasant. Her owner gave her to a friend that had QH’s in the past and he then just brought her to rescue.   She is very sweet and can registered.  Thankfully she was in good shape physically but just lacks training and confidence. She has a calm temperament and is a quick learner.  Belle will benefit from this opportunity as the trainer can help her learn to trust, build her confidence and transform her into a good working and willing partner and horse that we all know quarter horses to be.




(assigned trainer: Hilda Keller)

Rally for the Rescues- Cassie

Rally for the Rescues- Cassie


Cassie is an adorable, spunky pony. She is approximately 6-7 YO and has the build of a quarter horse in a pony sized body. Cassie came into rescue with 7 others from a neglect case. She was so full of parasites that it was thought she was pregnant at seizure due to her big belly despite being emaciated. When she came into rescue she could be haltered, would lead and load but being the spunky girl she is she prefers the herd lifestyle much better and can be hard to catch. She has learned to like being haltered and groomed again and we are working on the being caught issue. She is as cute as a button (YES she is!!!!) and catches everyone’s attention out in the pasture. Rally for the Rescues- CassieShe has so much life ahead of her and this opportunity is just want she needs to learn to trust and transform into a wonderful partner for any child or small adult.

 Cassie is with Volunteer Equine Advocates.




(assigned trainer: Amy Bennett Vanner)

ADAM has been adopted!

Rally for the Rescues- Adam


Adam is a 10 YO Quarter Horse X gelding and is 14.3 hh. He came into rescue 2 years ago as a stallion. Although gelded, he still shows some studly tendencies once and awhile. As you can see he is a real looker!!! Adam leads, loads, ties and stand for the farrier. He likes people and is ready to show his trainer and all of us that is he more than just a handsome fellow. He is ready for this opportunity to learn to trust and develop a foundation to be a safe and confident partner for his new owner.



(assigned trainer: Brittney Conyer)

NESSIE has been adopted!

Rally for the Rescues- Nessie


Rally for the Rescues- NessieNessie is a 5 year old Morgan X mare, about 15hh. She originally came into rescue with Cricket, who you all have already met, from a neglect/starvation situation and was totally unhandled. However, she did have more personal confidence than Cricket on her arrival. Nessie really enjoys human company and is easy to catch and halter. Where she used to require sedation for the farrier, she now stands for her trims. Nessie currently shares pasture with another mare and a donkey jennet. We are excited for this sweet gal to have this time with the trainer to gain more confidence and learn to trust so she start her new beginnings with a new home and prove to be a confident and willing partner that enjoys her new job.



(assigned trainer: Madeline Sparks)

Titan has been adopted!

Rally for the Rescues- Titan

Rally for the Rescues- Titan


Titan is a gorgeous, black beast of a horse.  He is 15 YO and was told he is a Tennessee Walker but based on his size and build, he is likely a TWH cross or maybe a foundation Tennessee Walker.   He came into rescue about 10 years ago when he had medical needs that were not being addressed.  Happily his medical needs resolved and he was adopted out to a wonderful couple who took great care of him but did not spend time working with him or training him. Sadly through no fault of his own, he came back into rescue.    Titan loves people but is also unsure about new situations and can sometimes be difficult to catch.  He is so powerful and smooth when he runs full out and is quite amazing to watch.  He is a horse who will grab everyone’s attention and we are excited to give Titan his chance to learn to trust and gain confidence to handle new situations and watch him transform into a willing and confident horse where he will finally find his forever home.

Titan is with Volunteer Equine Advocates.  


(assigned trainer: Heather Rogers Alonso)

Andy has been adopted!

Rally for the Rescues- Andy

Rally for the Rescues- Andy


Andy is a 3 year old beautiful QH X gelding. Andy loves people and is VERY friendly but does not know his boundaries. He is one curious youngster and will be in your pocket. Andy leads pretty well and does decent with the farrier. He is a beautiful mover. Being the youngster he is, Andy loves to play with the mini donkeys and horses that are his pasture mates. Andy is perfect for this competition as his friendly and curious nature will guide him in gaining confidence and transform him into the perfect working and loving partner to some lucky person.

Andy is with Horse Haven of Tennessee.


Rally for the Rescues- Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper

(assigned trainer: Kristen Breakfield)

Dr Pepper has been adopted!



Dr Pepper is a 9 year old, SSH, Gelding. He is not broke to ride or had much handling, but he is very sweet.

Dr Pepper is with Horse Haven of Tennessee.


2016 Trainers

Amy Bennett Vanner

Andy Blevins

Brittany Malinoski

Brittney Conyer

Heather Alonso

Hilda Keller

Kelley Shattuck

Kristen Breakfield

Madeline Sparks










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The Humane Society of the United States Equine Protection Program

Meridian Equine Education Center

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