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Rally for The Rescues-Trainer’s Challenge

Thank you for your interest in this special challenge!
I caught a whiff of a similar challenge via social media and thought the state of Tennessee could sure do the same. Being a trainer myself and a proud owner of several awesome rescue horses, I decided to develop a contest that would help up and coming trainers gain some publicity, as well as give a bunch of horses a chance at a good life.
So the format will be similar to other trainer contests, except you would be assigned a rescued horse to train for 90 days. The horse could be anywhere from age 3 and up. You may receive a mare or gelding. You may draw a gaited horse or a more traditional stock type horse. Maybe an Arab, a QH, a Paint, a Thoroughbred? Who knows, there might even be a Mule!
This will be a true challenge. It is about the horse, always!
There will be 12-15 trainers selected and you will have to fill out a foster form that we will give you at a later date. You and your facility will have to meet the standards of a foster farm. This is only fair and will protect the well being of the horse as well as the integrity of the rescue providing the horse. With that being said, anyone who may be affiliated with a barn or trainer known to use artificial devices and/or inhumane training methods will be automatically eliminated for consideration. For this challenge, only natural horsemanship and humane training methods will be accepted. We must absolutely honor the horse as well as the rescue associations who work tirelessly to save horses from cruelty of all types.
The rescues will provide farrier, vet, grain and hay if necessary. All facilities will be inspected and there will be spontaneous visits by rescue personnel periodically throughout the 90 days.
Your assigned horse will most likely be barefoot and will remain barefoot unless corrective shoeing is absolutely necessary.
Training methods and equipment should remain natural and free from cruelty.
You may train in the discipline that you normally do- Western, English, Dressage, etc.
The plan is to have all the horses assigned to trainers by mid February(this may change) and the competition will be held in September 2018. Names of horses and trainers will be drawn randomly.  We have  secured a venue with a covered arena with stalls, parking, bleachers, concession and vendor areas. I am hoping we will draw media attention and have lots of spectators.  All updates will be posted on our facebook page and all trainers are encouraged to keep current updates with videos and pictures. The folks planning on adopting these horses will be able to keep track of their favorites as well.  Potential adopters will be able to schedule a visit with the horse they are interested in. Personalities vary and we would like to make sure there will be a “connection”.  We know how important that is! As I have more details, so will you.
The actual competition will consist of four parts. The first will be a fitness and condition class. Each horse will be judged on its appearance and level of fitness. This is NOT a conformation class. So don’t worry if your horse is not prettiest little thing out there. The second class will be a Horsemanship class with a pattern that will be determined by the judges of that class. Stop, pivot, back, leads, etc. This class will show willingness, obedience, finesse and control. The third class will be an arena styled trail class. It will not be timed. You may be presented with such obstacles like a back up L, open a gate, jump a small obstacle, a bridge, etc. You and your horse will be judged on control and precision. There will be a time limit per obstacle so that the class does not take all day. Last but not least, there will be a free style. I am thinking five minutes to show what you and the horse do best. Keep it fun and keep it safe.
These classes were chosen so that each trainer can turn out a well rounded horse that will be an asset to any rider.
Every effort will be made to gain great sponsors so that we can have great prizes for you.  The ultimate prize, of course, is the horse being adopted!
Thank you again for your interest!
Please email your completed paperwork to: or snail mail to: Rally for the Rescues-Trainers Challenge, P O Box 44, Ashland City, TN  37015
Hilda Keller

Foster Guidelines:

Please note: These are new 2017 guidelines.

Below are general foster guidelines and requirements that each trainer will HAVE to meet prior to picking up their respective rescue horse.

PLEASE NOTE: These are only general guidelines and each rescue will have specific foster requirements and contracts that each trainer will have to meet and be approved which could vary from the ones listed below.

  • The horse you receive will be current on coggins, all vaccinations, dental and hoof trims.
  • Your housing location and facility will be subject to a site visit prior to approval of receipt of horse.
  • Rescue will reimburse reasonable cost of farrier, feed and hay with a maximum amount of $200/30 days.  The quality of feed and hay should equal to what the horse is used to and any supplements, if needed will be also provided by rescue.
  • Trainer must provide appropriate shelter, 3 sided at a minimum and free access to water at all times.
  • The horse will NOT be housed in an area or pasture that has barb wire fencing.
  • Trainer must allow the rescue horse a minimum of 12 hours turnout.  Attention needs to be taken to minimize any other horse constant picking on the rescue horse.
  • Equine will not be moved to another location from approved location without prior consent from the rescue.
  • escue personnel can visit the horse and the trainer’s facility at any time WITHOUT prior notice.  And the horse can be removed at any time, without constituting trespassing if the foster contract agreement is not being followed.
  • If the horse is a mare, it is not allowed to come into contact with a stud or be bred while in the care of the foster.
  • If the horse requires any medical attention, the trainer will contact the rescue immediately to get prior approval for treatment; this includes any administration of Bute, Banamine or any other drug or pain relief.  Any injury caused by irresponsible training techniques will be the trainer’s financial responsibility.
  • Trainer agrees to use only humane training methods and will not use anything that would inflict undo pain to the horse in training.  Prohibited training methods also include those that are based on fear and pain.
  • Trainer will NOT use any type of action device on the horse and the horse will NOT be housed at any facility that does.
  • As all horses will be barefoot, trainer must discuss and get approval from rescue prior to having shoes put on the horse.
  • There will be no warranty, express or implied, to the age, breed, general condition, temperament or soundness of the horse.
  • Trainer will hold harmless rescue, its employees, board members, volunteers, successors and assigns from any claim, liability or cause of action arising out of or in any way related to fostering and training the horse for this Training Challenge.











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